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Chaney Middle School STEAM Presentation and Supplemental Materials - November 2021

Instructions for completing this virtual learning activity:

Ahead of time:

  • Plan a day for the activity (you’ll need to allot about 50 minutes for it)
  • Pick up mineral kits in the museum
  • Print the supplemental materials by clicking on the links below
  • Preview the presentation video to make sure it will play on your school’s technology

Day of:

  • Ensure that each student has a writing utensil
  • Place the supplemental materials at each student’s desk at the start of the presentation, making sure to have the Geology Word Cloud Activity on top and with the appropriate side facing up
  • Play the presentation video (note: the video can be opened in YouTube if preferred)
  • Pass out mineral kits after the video clip about the Lake Erie Salt Mine

Supplemental Materials: each student should receive a copy of each of the following 3 documents. Be sure to print double sided – especially the Geology Word Cloud Activity!