Museum Staff

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Museum Specialist

Stefanie Hudzik


Education: BA Secondary Science Education (2012, The University of Akron), MS Environmental Science (2015, Youngstown State University)

Hometown: Austintown, Ohio

Favorite Mineral: Fluorite

Current Student Employees

Zoe Figinsky

Major: Applied Geology

Hometown: Austintown, Ohio

Favorite Geology Class: Historical Geology

Favorite Mineral: Celestite

Dream Job: Paleontologist

Congratulations and Best Wishes to the museum's previous student employees, including:

Hayley Spalla
Maura Salyard
Eric Lloyd
Chris McFarland
Noah Allen
Bruno Abersold
Logan Gerig

A Note on Student Employee Privacy:

This is not a comprehensive list of previous and current student employees (nor is it meant to be). 

The student employee information displayed on this page was shared voluntarily by the student employees during the time of their employement. No student employee is ever required to share their personal information on the museum’s website or social media platform(s).

The museum respects the privacy of all its student employees. Any previous or current student employee can have their information removed at any time upon request.